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History's Facts

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"[E] lections are a great deal like marriages, there's no accounting for any one's taste.
It's awkward hard to get people interested in corruption    unless      they   can get  something out of it."  
                                                     Yours' ~ Will Rogers.

         "Will Rogers in favor of a wider income tax. #2068 Beverly Hills, CA.

Here is a heart breaking thing for an income-tax payer to relate.
Did you notice in this worst year in history that the receipts from the income tax doubled over the last year?
Well, that kinder knocks into a cock hat the idea that if you taxed incomes too much there wouldn't be any.
Yours, Will Rogers.
2344 Mr. Rogers joins army of government workers. Beverly Hills, CA. Feb, 6
You know a couple of days ago I said that what our treasurer Mr. Morganthaun needed when he went out with this two billion dollars to gamble with these money exchange jips was not a pack of professors but a China man. Well this morning I got a mighty nice wire from Mr. Morganthaun and he agreed with me and appointed me a committee one to dig up the China man. So I am in the market now for a keen minded China man, kind of a cross between Conscious, Alexander Hamilton and Barry Baruch. So if you see me dashing into laundries and chop suey joints you will know I  am working for the government.                                   Yours, ~ Will Rogers

2100 Mr. Rogers has figured out what worries the nations. Beverly Hills, Cal. April 27
Governments are having the same trouble now that individuals have been having for three years, that's, trying to find out the actual value of what they have.
You don't know the value of your land, your stocks, your house, or anything. Now England and America and France have met to find out what the dollar is worth, what the pound sterling is worth, what silver is worth.
Everything is jumping up and down like an international banker at a Senatorial investigation.
Nations  are  like  a  lot  of  women  with  babies.  Each thinks that theirs is the best. Yours, ~Will Rogers

             2146 Mr. Rogers Discovers why conferences met. Beverly Hills, CA. June 2

When the economic conference first met in London there was a great deal of doubt as to just what were it's hopes and aims.Well, after ten days we are no longer in doubt.They had three reasons for meting.The first was to cancel the debt to America.The second was to cancel the debt to America,The third was to cancel the debt to America.                                        Yours, ~Will Rogers

2254 Will Rogers Diagnoses the condition of Wall St. Santa Monica,CA. Oct.24
Mr. Roosevelt is the only man who can raise the Stock Market without putting up any money.The market not only operates on O.P.M. ( other people's money) but O.P.R.( other people's rumors).
A war in Europe would mean nothing to the Sock Market (provided it actually happened) but let a rumor get out that Mr. Ford was building a six-door sedan or that the present government was going to recognize Tammany Halls or that Bernard Baruch was growing a beard-any of these rumors and wheat would jump 10 points,American Can8,American T. and T.9.
So the only thing to the break stock market is FACT.  Yours, ~Will Rogers

              215 Rogers likes the plan Johnson is proposing. Santa Monica,CA. June 26
Did you read this fellows Hugh Johnson's statement in today's paper? He is the dictator of this new,(08Marx-12Darwin-A.D.Freud)(peace upon him)"Recovery Act." It sounds awful good and it makes sense.Instead of letting a big concern take all the money,they make and build a bigger factory,why just give the workers a little more,the stockholders a little more and just keep the factory you have.
I have heard a lot of this fellow Johnson.Barney Baruch thinks he is one of our most able men.He must be on the right track.I see where some of the big industrialists are kicking on him already.
yours ~Will Rogers

Civil disobedience is that which is allowed at the federal level and forbidden among the un~incorporated.
@ Black beard's

                                                                  { Muse}



Ho   Securities  union.

"We are entitled to an equal station by Nature's God to declare the causes which impel us to separation.
We are separating ourselves from the powers     to the power of Nature's God."
The Rights' s of Nature's God   are not    extra- biblical CFRQueer  Cratrights.
2270 Mr. Rogers would guard the educated investor. Beverly Hills, CA. Nov 22
Just been thinking today about the Senators investigating the Stock swindles and  over capitalizations. There have been millions and hundreds of millions lost.
There ought to be some form of guardianship for people that buy all this junk.
Get the Chamber of Commerce, clubs, priests and preachers. Don't get school teachers for they say they are the biggest suckers.Educations won't do it for they sat that only 5 percent of these sales are made to people that can't read or write.
It's the ones we have educated up till they are just smart  enough to  fall for  everything (08Marx-12Darwin-A.D.Freud)(peace upon him)that comes along! Yours~ Will Rogers
W W C D ? What would chairman do ?
" Trillions of naturalists agree when you can't win against the Yankees
get on board the Titanic with giddyon. "

                            Give me liberty or give me Brotherhood Security !
                                  Bitter Cleaver accomplishes indignation !

                                   (08Marx-12Darwin-A.D.Freud)(peace upon him)

                                                  Leave it to Cleaver ! 

W W C D ? What would chairman do ?
" Trillions of naturalists agree when you can't win against the Yankees
get on board the Titanic in Drag   Markets ! "

Grover Chairman reminiscences Queer Crat Prospectus.


1329 Will Rogers points out a flaw in a so- called  economy move. Beverly Hills.Cal.,Oct.27
Half the world is fighting and the other  half is out of a job, and would as soon be fighting as starving. For that's one thing in favor of war. They do feed you during one.  Then in the midst of all this, we started sinking our navy to save taxes. Saving taxes    don't help the unemployed. Muse
They got nothing, are earning nothing, hence they pay nothing. 
                          Give me liberty or give me Brotherhood Security !
                                           1%+52%+47%{- ORACLE}-50%= OPM
                                Bitter Cleaver accomplishes indignation !

                                                 Leave it to Cleaver !

It makes the wolf in me want to howl for our heritage!
Howl Son of Man Howl.
There is a' HEAD START' on Friday much to the dismay of all you lone Rhino's in Gimmicktown.
Corporation for entrepreneur pubic broadcasting.Germ warfare by the rules of acquisition of the{'DERIVATIVE RICH MIDDLE CLASS'}

447 Will Rogers sees Congress anxious to split it up.
Beverly Hills, Cal., Jan. 1
Secretary Mellon has asked Congress to please wait till after March 15,when the new income
taxes come in, before passing any legislation, as he don't know how much there will be if any.
But Congress says, No, we are going to divide it up now, whether there is any to divide or not.
What do you suppose we are in Congress for, if it ain' t to split up the swag?
Please pass the gravy.
yours, Will Rogers
Chelsea Manning  Queer  Crat electoral college   haze yellen ~ "give us Ba-ra'bas ! "
Balancing the Oracle Great High Society budget ?

1569 Mr. Rogers suddenly discovers that there is a dearth of news. Beverly Hills,Cal.,Aug.3
No news any more in the depression, and no more news than truth in optimistic predictions.
We not only cured our "big men" from predicting, but we just about cured' em from thinking
they was "big."
Debts are about all canceled but our own, heat is dying out, grasshoppers are
starving out. Nobody running for President on either side in `32 but Mr. Hoover, and even
he may lose his passion for punishment by then. So it just looks like nothing ever happens
in our country but interest and taxes.  yours, Will Rogers.

Will       Balak's    O`$odomy     wrecking ball    save the "Dynasty siblings " OffShore        entitlement         legacy ?
{Muse. }{Muse.}{Muse.}

                                                Uncle   Queer  Crat wants you !

The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the LORD; and what wisdom is in them?

                                                                         Jeremiah 8:9
                             - King James Bible "Authorized Version", Pure Cambridge Edition

                               GroverCon  haters Cartel censor Sermon Mount obedience !
                                                                       Flash mobs.
                                          Matrix spectators.
                               Hunger   games audience.
                     Talk show male gossips avarice.
                                         Hysterical anarchy.
                                                   All historical.
                                                     All the time.

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Will Rogers' Daily Telegram volume 1
The Coolidge Years
Will Rogers' Daily Telegrams volume 4
The Roosevelt Years

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